Longer ignition interlock required for DUI

Senators gave final approval April 18 to a bill that requires those convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) to install ignition interlock devices in their vehicle for a minimum of one year.

Under LB158, introduced by Hastings Sen. Les Seiler, an offender’s license will not be reinstated until after the court-ordered ignition interlock device installation period. Offenders who have prior convictions or are serving probation will have their license revoked for 18 months from the court-ordered date and must have an ignition interlock device installed for at least one year.

The bill also eliminates restrictions on such permit holders to operate an ignition-interlock vehicle only for purposes of employment, education, substance abuse treatment, parole or probation supervision, health care for themselves or their dependents, court-ordered community service obligations and ignition interlock servicing.

The bill passed on a 45-0 vote and becomes operative July 1, 2013.

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